Why learn Autocad?

Το AutoCAD AutoCAD is one of the most useful and widely-used design software for producing architectural, engineering and construction drawings. Whereas in the past the knowledge of handling the program was considered a desirable skill, now it becomes a prerequisite for the modern professional.

Some of the advantages of using AutoCAD to create designs are:

  • You can achieve design accuracy.
  • There is no need for scale design. All designs are made in real size.
  • It's very easy to work in AutoCad layers
  • You can make changes easily and reduce risk of error
  • You can store and transfer Data safely
  • You can easily create 3D models and photorealistic presentations

Learn AutoCad 2D & 3D

and create accurate drawings of engineering components, designs, and infrastructure quickly and easily


  • Ability to create closed sections or even individual live teaching, so that you can deepen your knowledge in AutoCad exactly where you need it!
  • The program is also provided in e- learning, from the comfort of your home!
  • Ability to obtain certification from AutoDesk, online.
  • Get a competitive work portfolio that can be used to secure jobs on various freelancing platforms.


  • The duration of the courses ranges from a few hours for those who want to deepen into specific parts of AutoCad up to 35 hours for those who want to learn this powerful software from the beginning.
  • It will take about another five hours after the program is completed to be ready for AutoDesk AutoCad Certified User (ACU) certification or Certificate in Computer Aided Design (CAD 2D) certification.
  • Courses last from 1 to 2 months depending on the number of hours per week you choose.
  • Possibility to hold classes on Saturdays or holidays


  • The courses cost only 250€ for the completed program, while the cost of the exams is adjusted according to the certification and is paid in advance of the exam.
  • The above prices refer to a closed group of 3-4 people. In case of fewer people, the prices are adjusted by arrangement

Syllabus of the course

Basic commands

  • Create a simple line
  • Create a circle, an arc
  • Produce a polygon
  • Create ellipse and other basic shapes
  • Navigation zoom & pan
  • Command function and drawing rectangular lines
  • Use of Object Snap and Object Snap Tracking.
  • Design methods & the coordinate system


  • Basic design principles
  • Program display profile (Workspace) and its modification
  • Templates and their use
  • Design units

Extra features

  • Design measurements and area measurements
  • Enter texts & tables
  • Layers
  • Design dimensioning
  • Print design from the "Model" space & from the "paper" space


  • Object processing commands (Modify)
  • Hatch Edit and compact fills (Hatch Edit)
  • Blocks, external reports (Xref) & object libraries.
  • Insert images, OLE objects and hyperlinks (Insert)
  • Tool Palettes

γιατι expertindanas

Τα σεμινάρια πληροφορικής του ExpertinDanas ανοίγουν επαγγελματικούς ορίζοντες. Παρακολούθησε το σεμινάριο AutoDesk AutoDesk 2D – 3D και κέρδισε χρόνο και ποιότητα εργασίας. 

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