Rome, Milan, Venice! Italian is a language especially dear to Greeks. It is the language we learn mainly through "Italian adult" programs either live or remotely in Thessaloniki but also all over Greece. The first thing that comes to your mind when we think about Italian is fashion, travelling, education and culture!

- Italian is the language that we can easily learn and get a certification to use it for scoring purposes in the public sector. For students it is the language that will allow them to participate in Erasmus exchange programs! But most of all we like it because Italian is a language that resembles singing and it seems to express our joy, sadness and excitement!

Why study Italian in ExpertinDanas?

We in ExpertinDanas we offer education tailored to the particular characteristics of adults. This means that the way the language is taught promotes their active participation, leverages their previous experience and the requirements when it comes to study time are predidined for the sudents to be able to cope.

The adults who follow our program learn Italian easily, quickly and economically! We have developed for our adult learners a digital platform for organizing their reading and we have integrated authentic digital material into the language teaching. We offer a pleasant and unique lesson experience whether one attends the lesson live or remotely.

With strictly small groups we achieve individualized teaching and directness between our experienced teachers and each student individually, in order to meet their own special needs and meet their goals!

For the aforementrioned, and so to learn speaking Italian choose ExpertinDanas and you will achieve your goals. ExpertinDanas.