Do you want to get Ms Office Certification?

, Get now a recognized Ms Office Certification for ASEP and for the private sector easily and quickly!,  

Course Syllabus

  • Word Processing – Ms Word
  • Speadsheets – Ms Excel
  • Internet Explorer & Ms Outlook 
  • Ms PowerPoint
  • Ms Access
  • Ms Windows

Having office skills doesn't just mean being able to navigate the day-to-day of working in an office. You're also expected to be competent with a number of common pieces of Microsoft software. From mastering Microsoft Excel formulas to formatting in Microsoft Word or putting together the perfect PowerPoint presentation, our Microsoft Office course are built to develop your skillset, no matter your starting ability.


  • You can either attend the course at our training center or you can choose blending Asynchronous and Synchronous Online Learning
  • Our educational methods have been tested since 2005 on hundreds of students and surely lead to success!


  • The lessons of each module last 3 weeks and the candidate gains practical knowledge by using examples and case studies.
  • The course provides flexibility and you can learn at your own pace. For exmple If you already have enough experience in Ms Office, you can complete up to 3 modules in 3 weeks at the same time.


  • The course is free of charge but you must pay for the certification.The examination cost for each module is 55€ and is paid at the beginnig of the course.
  • After the exams for each module there is an additional cost 25€ for the recognized certification.

οι μαθητEς μασ μιλουν για μασ

There is a nice attitude from instructos to students in this center. The instructorshave patience and are always supportive and willing to hlep! I suggest this center to anyone who wants to learn easily and effectively IT skills.

Kalliopi Konstantinidou

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ΓΙΑΤΙ expertindanas

Η πληροφορική είναι σημαντικό εφόδιο για την επαγγελματική σταδιοδρομία στη σύγχρονη οικονομία. Στο ExpertinDanas θα μάθεις να χειρίζεσαι το Ms Office και θα αποκτήσεις πιστοποίηση πληροφορικής εύκολα, γρήγορα και οικονομικά!

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