Do you want to learn how to design and develop websites effectively?

The ExpertinDanas Website Design Course offers you all the qualifications and skills you need to build and manage websites that not only attract but retain visitors to the site.

Whether you want to create a site for your personal business or for others, you learn in a practical way all the up-to-date tools, so you can apply them immediately in order to transform a brand into an online experience. Because a website must contain all the information the brand wants to communicate to its visitors, and visitors must enjoy using the site to find the information.

Using a Content Management System (CMS), you can build your own website, without any other programming knowledge. Your website will have the aesthetics and functionality you want, while you'll avoid development and maintenance costs.

In addition, you' ll be able at any time to add or change content, texts, videos, photos, etc., without depending on others and with zero cost!

WordPress is an open-source software that allows you to create and manage websites even if you don’t have programming knowledge.

It is easy to use and quite flexible, and allows the design of responsive websites for computers, tablets and mobiles. It also meets the specifications set by Google and is the ideal choice for promoting a website.

Course Syllabus

Section 1: Buying Domain and Web Hosting

Section 2: Installing WordPress and Creating a Database

Section 3: Website Management Area (User & Multimedia Management, Images-Videos-Documents - Comments Management & Website Upgrade)

Section 4: Theme selection and installation

Section 5: Creating and managing menus

Section 6: Creating and Managing Pages

Section 7: Creating and Managing Articles

Section 8: Installation and management of add-ons

Learn how to design and develop websites using all the up-to-date trends and technological developments


  • WordPress is the most successful and popular content management program right now.
  • It is an open-source software that allows anyone, even if he doesn't have programming knowledge, to create and manage websites


  • The courses last 1 month and are done twice a week for 2 hours.
  • The program combines e- learning live courses and e- learning platform.
  • The course leads to a Certificate of Successful Attendance.


  • Το πρόγραμμα κοστίζει 220€ και τα δίδακτρα καταβάλλονται σε 2 δόσεις.
  • 1st payment: 150€, is paid by enrolling in the program. 2nd payment: 100€, is paid in the last week of the course.

4 Ways of Teaching


The lesson can take place live in our facilities, which are impeccably equipped.

Synchronous Distance Learning

The lesson can take place through a distance learning platform in real time with a professor.

Asynchronous Distance Learnng

E- Learnng woth recorded lessons for the ones who seek flexibility.

Mixed Learning

Synchronous & Asynchronous live and distance learning with an attending professor.


Στο ExpertinDanas αγαπάμε την εκπαίδευση και τη δια βίου μάθηση! Μέσα από τα σύγχρονα εκπαιδευτικά μας προγράμματα θα αποκτήσεις γνώσεις, δεξιότητες, ικανότητες και την ανάλογη εμπειρία, για να ξεχωρίσεις στη σύγχρονη αγορά εργασίας.

Αποστολή μας η επαγγελματική σου εξέλιξη και επιτυχία!

What our students say about us

The Expertin Danas Website Design and Management Course gave me all the knowledge I needed to design and develop my own website that has my personal stamp. It was what I needed in my new professional step. The knowledge I gained was valuable to me and saved me from effort and money.

Dionysia Karoki

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